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Picture of Paul and Therese -- founders

About Us:

Hey, we’re glad you stopped by, welcome to our about us page.

We are Therese and Paul, wife and husband, parents of wonderful children, children of wonderful parents, grandparents, siblings from large families and best friends.

Therese was born in the area, began her childhood here, moved out of state for a while and returned while in elementary school and has lived here ever since.

Paul began his childhood in the “City of Brotherly Love” moved to the area in his earliest of teen years and has been here ever since. There is no other area we’d want to call home.

As the children grew older and moved out of the house we began to explore areas that were less kid friendly and more in line to what we’d like to do. A vacation on Cayuga Lake and doing our own tour of the wineries around the lake found us enjoying the company of the wine makers and other wine tasting enthusiasts. The following years were spent vacationing in Maine, New Hampshire, the Thousand Islands and on Seneca Lake, and always spending time visiting the wineries and vineyards of the area. We've met some wonderful people along the way, laughing and learning, great experiences all.

Several years back we started doing an annual weekend trip to the breweries in Vermont. We’d plan our trip to visit a number of breweries allowing enough time between each one as to allow our taste buds and ourselves time to recover before reaching our next stop. In the morning after breakfast we’d head home on a route that would allow us to reach breweries we had yet to tour always spacing them out to have the best tasting experiences. We are closing in on completing our VT. Brewery Challenge card.

Now why are we here? Oh yeah, the past few years we have been visiting the wineries, vineyards and breweries in our area and meeting some of the nicest and most knowledgeable wine makers and brewers you’d ever get to meet.  As you may have noticed our area has grown considerably in producing fine wines and brews and in our opinion they are second to none. Then we had this thought, with all this good wine and beer why hasn’t anyone thought to bring the people to visit the places where these fine wines and beers are produced? We thought why not us? We’ve already been touring for years, we’d plan these tours and the people would get to have the fun, laughs and learning that we’ve been enjoying these past years.

So if you like wine or you like beer or you like spirits as we have distillers in our area and even better if you like all three get on out there and enjoy what our local folks are producing. And if you’re looking for someone to get you there we’d certainly enjoy meeting you and having the pleasure of your company.

Happy and Safe Travels,

Therese and Paul


We are a partner of the Capital Craft Beverage Trail

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About our Van:

About Our Van.

We use a Ford E350 10 passenger van which includes the driver.

Our van is equipped with forward facing stadium style seating allowing easy access to each seat.

The side door entrance of our van has a two step riser ensuring getting on and out of the van safely and with ease.

Our van is extended allowing for storage of 12 cases of wine and for us to provide multiple coolers to keep those growlers and bottles cold during our trips.

About Refunds:

We are happy to issue refunds up to 72 hours before the tour depart time. Unfortunately, after that there are no refunds.

About Pets & Service Animals


We love pets. We’ve had dogs and cats most of our lives. Unfortunately some folks are allergic to pet dander so for their comfort and enjoyment we do not allow pets on our tours.

Service Animals:

Yes, service animals are allowed on our tours. Please let us know as early as possible if you will be bringing a service animal along, we will then be able to let any future guests signing up for a tour that there will indeed be a service animal on the tour.

Special Requirements:

Please let us know when signing up for a tour if there are any specific needs that you may require. We will do our best to accommodate you if we are able.
Please let us know when signing up if you have any allergies so we may let you know how we can best address those allergies.